The whole team together, even non-designers.

Design tools can be intimidating, but Feature Flux makes it easy for the whole team to collaborate on product decisions.

Image showing customers collaborating on design

The best products are built collaboratively. But not everyone involved in the design process is a designer. Many non-designers are uncomfortable digging around Figma or Adobe XD. And rightly so, they’re tools built for designers. Feature Flux works as a buffer between your design software and your product management system.

Image of feedback being provided on a design mockup

Design Feedback.

Accessible Design Feedback. 

Managing design feedback across multiple platforms is no fun. Especially if you’re the person who has to collect it all! Feature Flux makes it easy for the whole team (even external stakeholders) to leave feedback in the right place, on the right screen and on the right version of the design. 

Invite the team

The Whole Team, Together.

Invite your team members and assign them to projects where they’ll be of most help. Feature Flux makes it super easy for your team to give contextual feedback and feel part of the decision-making process. An effective team is an inclusive team… and yes, that means you too non-designer person. 

Design feedback

All feedback, in one place. 

No one wants the job of collecting and organizing feedback from multiple sources. Thanks to the inclusive nature of Feature Flux, even non-technical team members can be comfortable leaving feedback. This means all your internal and external feedback will be in one easy-to-access platform. 

Design Presentations

External Presentations.

Not everyone who contributes to the design process is part of the core product team. External stakeholders such as customers, end-users, CEOs and CMOs also play a valuable part in the process. Making it easy for these stakeholders to share their insights is often overlooked.

With Feature Flux, sharing design presentations and gathering feedback is as easy as sharing a link. Oh, and they won't need to create an account to give their feedback either.

image that shows how the app prompts for meaningful feedback.