All your stakeholder feedback in one place.

It's a challenge to track feedback from multiple sources. But what if your team and stakeholders could leave feedback in one unified place?

Image showing how design feedback works in Feature Flux

Design tools such as Figma, Adobe XD and Sketch are amazing. But one of the reasons we love them so much is also one of their biggest flaws. Live document editing. As designs evolve, feedback can become irrelevant with neither the design team nor the stakeholders realising it.

Image of feedback being provided on a design mockup

Design Snapshots

Is this the latest version?

Feature Flux makes it easy to take a snapshot of your designs, directly from Figma. It creates a moment in time, meaning everyone gives feedback on the same version.

Design Presentations

Design presentations, without the copy & paste.

Our snapshot system lets you create a stakeholder presentation at the click of a button. No more copying and pasting screenshots. No more additional notes. Everything is in one place. 

Image demonstrating version control within Feature Flux

Start getting impactful feedback today!

image that shows how the app prompts for meaningful feedback.

Design feedback

Stakeholder feedback in one place.

Do you collect, sort, and collate feedback from multiple sources? Painful, right? Thanks to the inclusive nature of Feature Flux (and no account signup for external stakeholders), even non-design teammates can access feedback at any time.

Iteration tracking

Learn why design decisions were made. 

Designs naturally evolve over time, and knowing why decisions were made can be vital. With Iteration Tracking, you can check earlier snapshots of your team’s designs and see just who asked to “Make the logo bigger”. 

Image that shows an example of how managers can lock a design once finished

Start getting impactful feedback today!