*Actionable* feedback on your design presentations.

Collaborating with stakeholders is essential for any product team, but achieving consensus can be challenging. 

Image showing how design presentations work in feature flux

Presenting designs that generate meaningful feedback is critical to the development of any product. However, getting meaningful feedback can be a challenge, especially when dealing with multiple stakeholders and perspectives. 

Image of feedback being provided on a design mockup

Focused feedback

Focused feedback on your design presentations.

Use prompts to ask specific questions about your team's work and get focused feedback on each screen. Streamline the whole process and quickly gather insights that matter, helping you make informed decisions about your product.

Custom Presentations

Custom stakeholder presentations.

Each stakeholder group has unique perspectives and requirements, which is why Feature Flux lets you create multiple presentations from the same design file.

Tailor your presentations and increase the chances of getting consensus and success!

Image showing custom stakeholder presentations
Image showing how Feature Flux removes the need to copy paste images into a design presentation

seamless collaboration

Efficient and seamless collaboration.

Feature Flux eliminates the need for tedious copy-and-paste presentations, making collaboration a breeze. Create a stakeholder presentation at the click of a button, selecting only the screens you want to include!