Get *specific* feedback on your product designs.

Product presentations in minutes (or seconds).
Add custom prompts to get the feedback you need for your product!

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"Feature Flux solves a problem that most, if not all product teams face on a daily basis. Miscommunication because of outdated designs. The time and money lost to this is staggering! Feature Flux is a true game changer".

Image of Paul Thomas, product manager
Paul Thomas 

Custom prompts

Ask for specific feedback.

Feedback like, "I don't like the color" or "The button is 10px too far to the right" is usually of little help. But, by adding specific questions to your design screens you can prompt feedback that actually pushes the product forward.

Feature Flux lets you add as many prompts to a screen as you need. And if you are just looking for general feedback, no problem, it can hadle that too!

Image showing how you can add custom questions to design screens
Image of locked design screens in Feature Flux


Feedback at the right stage.

Part of the product team's job is to get feedback on the most recent designs. But with no way to track finished designs in Figma, stakeholders can comment on outdated versions of the right design. That makes your job even harder.

Feature Flux brings all of your Figma screens into a team-friendly environment where even non-designers can see what's being worked on and what’s finished. 

iteration tracking

Reference past decisions.

Product teams need to be able to answer questions like, "Why did we do this?" without digging through Slack channels and lost Figa comments. 

Feature Flux gives you iteration tracking so you can tell stakeholders exactly when and why a change was made.

Image showing design Iteration Tracking in Feature Flux
Image that shows design feedback in feature flux

Stakeholder feedback

Design presentations, for all.

Not everyone is comfortable digging around a design tool.

Feature Flux takes your Figma screens and automatically creates a user-friendly presentation. You can even add specific prompts to screens, ensuring you get specific feedback. 

Product teams love Feature Flux

“There’s a bunch of phases in product development. There are also a bunch of different tools we all use and it’s hard to stay on the same page throughout the process. We need somewhere to bring it all together.” 

Image of patrick foley, product manager
Patrick Foley

Product Manager at Simple Integrations