Version control for your product team. 

Say hello to 'Github for design'. The product collaboration tool that has design versioning built in. Ensure everyone is working on the latest version

Product design is all about context

Feedback where you need it. 

Feedback is only relative to the screen your looking at. Designers, developers, and product managers can only build one screen at a time. We make it easy to give feedback where it really matters. 

your product design process from start to finish

From napkin sketch to final hand-off.

Have an idea for a new feature or even a new product? Feature Flux encourages you to get those ideas down in a rough format, using our super simple drawing tools. Get feedback from the team and see if it has legs! Looking good? Take it to wireframes, hi-def designs and finally on to dev. All in one place. 

Software is designed screen-by-screen, does your collab tool know that? 

Unfortunately most product collaboration or product management tools are based on endless whiteboard screens. These are great to get a 10.000ft view, but we design software screen by screen. Wouldn't it make sense to work with a design collaboration tool that works how you do?

you design software screen by screen, but does your project management system know?

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  • “For me, it's about sparking a conversation and driving alignment rather than sticking to a specific process - the most important thing is that we capture ideas, iterate, and keep the results of those iterations somewhere…”

    Jason Knight

    Product Manager

    Jason Knight

Not a design tool replacement. Connect your favorite design apps. 

Connect your team’s favorite design tools and work how you're comfortable. 

Feature Flux has design features, but it's not a design tool. It has presentation features, but it's not a presentation tool. It's a collaboration tool to help you and your team always be on the same page. If you're designer works in Figma, or Adobe XD or Balsamiq, great! Everyone should work where they're happiest. Just think of Feature Flux as your hub, the place where everyone is on the same page...and working off the same screen. 

forget about meetings, get product feedback asynchronously

Forget about in-person meetings. Keep everyone up to date asynchronously.

Remote is real, and has been for a long time. But as more teams go fully-remote, it's more important than ever to share project progress and get feedback asynchronously. You no longer have to rely on your designer to present an intimidating Figma file. Your stakeholders can interact with what we like to think of as the healthier alternative to Google Slides :)

Never lose previous versions of a project. Context is everything.

Keeping track of any new project is tough, and when you throw in stages like ideation, wireframes, designs, dev, production etc. it can get messy really quickly. Feature Flux lets you order your design cycles into versions. If you ever need to go back and see why you made a decision, just jump into the approriate version and check out your notes! 

giving back to the community
  • “There’s a bunch of phases in product development. There are also a bunch of different tools we all use and it’s hard to stay on the same page throughout the process. We need somewhere to bring it all together.”

    Patrick Foley

    Product Manager

    Patrick Foley

Stop hacking systems together. 

Generic presentation apps are killing your productivity.

We know how it goes...Designer creates a wireframe, PM cuts it up, add images to a PowerPoint or Google Slide presentation, add some notes explaining the concept and share with stakeholders. Presentation software was never meant to be used for software design, or for gathering feedback. So we've built this right into Feature Flux. Just without the 1001 other funtions that you never use!

Stop gathering product feedback in slack and other tools

Stop gathering feedback in Slack, Word, and email.

Slack, Discord, email, Word docs, etc... these are all great ways to lose and confuse feedback. They are also some of the ways to make your product manager lose their shit. Compiling feedback has never been a fun task, so let's make it easier on those PMs. All your feedback, in one place. 

Keep everything that matters in one place. 

We don't pretend to be the one source of truth, but we do try to make the truth a little easier to find. All your ideas, wireframes, designs (regardless of your tool of choice), feedback and decisions in one place. You'll never have to scrabble around again or have to ask, "Is this the latest version of the design?!". 

keep everything that matters in one place

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We won't spam you. This is only for product updates