Product Management, straight out of Figma. 

You rally your designers, developers and executive team just to get stuff shipped. So why are you still using a tool meant for designers?

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"Feature Flux solves a problem that most, if not all product teams face on a daily basis. Miscommunication because of outdated designs. The time and money lost to this is staggering! Feature Flux is a true game changer".

Image of Paul Thomas, product manager

Paul Thomas 

Senior Product Manager at NBCUniversal Media, LLC

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Working on the wrong things.

As Product Manager, it’s your job to ensure stakeholder feedback is given on the most recent designs. And with no way to lock finished screens in Figma, it’s a crapshoot. At some point, the system will fail.

Feature Flux brings all of your Figma screens into a team-friendly environment where even non-designers can see what they should be working on and what’s untouchable. 

iteration tracking

Reference past decisions.

Keeping track of product decisions is tough. And not being able to answer the question of “Why did we make this change?” can be more than a mere embarrassment when senior stakeholders are demanding answers. Iteration tracking and onscreen commenting make it easy to dig into the whys behind your team’s decisions. 

Image showing design Iteration Tracking in Feature Flux
Image that shows design feedback in feature flux

Stakeholder feedback

Feedback, all in one place.

Gathering product team feedback is a breeze, but gathering feedback from external and non-technical stakeholders can be a challenge.

Not everyone is comfortable digging around a design tool. Feature Flux takes your screens and automatically creates a user-friendly presentation. No more tedious copy/paste nightmares and no signup is needed to leave feedback.


“There’s a bunch of phases in product development. There are also a bunch of different tools we all use and it’s hard to stay on the same page throughout the process. We need somewhere to bring it all together.” 

Image of patrick foley, product manager

Patrick Foley

Product Manager at Simple Integrations

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