What if you could solve the question of,
"Is this the latest version?"

Create snapshots of the design process as it evolves. Lock finished designs and create one-click presentations that bring impactful feedback.

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Design collaboration

Keep your whole team on the same page.

Great product design is all about making decisions as a team. But not everyone involved in the process is a designer...And let's face it, design tools can be intimidating.

We believe true collaboration comes from creating a space where the entire team, (not just designers) can come together to build great products.

Invite your teammates in seconds and assign them to projects where they'll be most helpful.

Need feedback from another department? Get them in, or invite them to a presentation! 

All of your design decisions and feedback in one accessible place.


"I highly recommend Feature Flux. It solves very complex problems that most if not all design teams face on a daily basis. The simplicity and ease of use in dealing with these issues is a true game changer".

Image of Paul Thomas, product manager

Paul Thomas 

Senior Product Manager at NBCUniversal Media, LLC

iteration tracking

Quickly reference past versions and the decisions you made. 

It's hard to know where you're going if you don't know where you've been! Feature Flux makes it easy to track your design iterations throughout the entire design cycle.

Iteration tracking is the easiest way to always be working on the latest designs.

Reference feedback from previous iterations and see why a decision was made.

Do the final designs align with the original concept? Iteration tracking will help you decide. 

See why a new iteration was created, without leaving the current version. 

image that shows how the app prompts for meaningful feedback.

Design feedback

Get impactful feedback that keeps your projects on track.

Relevant feedback is helpful feedback! Feature Flux lets you create on-screen prompts so stakeholders can give feedback on the things you need, and where you need them.

Whether internal or external, getting feedback on your team's design work is going to be a struggle of the past.

Create on-screen prompts to help stakeholders leave relevant feedback.

All of your design feedback in one, accessible platform, open to the whole team. 

External stakeholders don't need an account to leave feedback. Just a link!

lock finished designs

No more fear of making decisions based an old designs.

When was the last time you heard, “Is this the latest version”? We’d bet it wasn’t long ago.

A locked design in Feature Flux shows everyone on the team that a design is now ‘untouchable’. Gone are the days of V.123-Final.design-file. It's simply done and locked! 

Lock screens with the click of a button. 

Be safe in the knowledge that only the account admin can unlock a screen. 

Easily filter projects by locked screens and check on your team's progress.

image that shows a series of mobile app screens.

Design screen-by-screen

You design screen-by-screen, your collaboration tool should work the same way.

Most design collaboration tools are based on an infinite whiteboard canvas. This can be helpful for a 10.000ft view, but we don't design software at 10.000ft.

Feature Flux lets your team collaborate on design projects, screen-by-screen.

Speed up the review process by getting feedback on the screen it was intended for.  

Switch from design screen to stakeholder presentation at the click of a button. 

Zoom in on what matters and leave the whiteboarding to other apps. 

Work directly from figma

No more bouncing between tools to get the job done.

Gone are the days of pasting Figma screenshots into powerpoint presentations, with feedback coming through multiple channels. With Feature Flux you just:

Add a Figma file URL to your project.

Select the Frames you want to show in your project.

Add any notes and share it with stakeholders.

See all the comments and feedback in one place.


“There’s a bunch of phases in product development. There are also a bunch of different tools we all use and it’s hard to stay on the same page throughout the process. We need somewhere to bring it all together.” 

Image of patrick foley, product manager

Patrick Foley

Product Manager at Simple Integrations

Start getting impactful feedback today!